I apologize for not having this all together, as this is my very first blog. I have pondered for quiet awhile on writing a blog, I want to share some of my thoughts and real life experiences with an audience to help encourage, uplift women that are hurting, have been let down with life. I will be sharing with my audience how my faith in God has brought me through my struggles, and has molded me into the woman I am today. I am looking forward to making new friends on this new blog journey. Thank you all so so much for taking time to read my blog and allowing me to share my experiences and thoughts with each of you.

Published by mybeautie4ashes

Hello Everyone, My name is Melissa Toney (Dunbar), I am a beginner at blogging & so unsure of what to write here so here goes. I am a single Mother of 3 wonderful amazing adult children, and a beautiful granddaughter that has taught me so much about Love. I enjoy playing my piano, guitar, and singing. My faith in God is very strong, which is truly why I have decided to take this Blogging step. I have faced many struggles on this journey we call life, and I hope in some way that I can reach out to other women that have been left broken, rather it be through loss of a loved one, divorce, sickness, or just circumstances we face in our everyday lives as a woman. My goal here is to take the hurt, the ugly, the broken pieces, the emptiness we are often left with of such emotions and create something BEAUTIFUL within yourselves. I’m looking forward to this new journey, and Thank you all in advance for reading my blogs.

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